Rules and Etiquette of Golf

First time is always exciting and kind of scary. Especially when it comes to a completely new field of sports, like golf. There are different things we worry about, such as how we are going to look like while playing or how to act so that others won’t notice you are a beginner.  First of all, there’s nothing bad about being a beginner and the mistakes we make in process of learning are not something we have to be ashamed of. Every time  you start to experience or learn a new thing you should get to know to the basics of this thing at first. This article is about the basic rules and etiquette of golf for complete beginners. There are some tips you should consider if you plan to start playing golf in near future.

First and the most important of all is the equipment. By the equipment I mean even a golf bag. Basically, golfing equipment consists up to 14 golf clubs and golf tees. Make sure that  you take a big number of golf tees and balls with you, especially when it’s your first time. Because the golf tees are easily breakable, also you may lose the balls too frequently.


The dress code part also can be an important part of your first golf course. Some of the golf clubs demand the proper dress code to allow playing. Those are mostly expensive golf clubs. Perfect golfing outfit is for instance a shirt with collar and Dockers-style pants or shorts.  But it’s always better if you call at first to get to knot to the club specifics about the dress code.

Golf shoes or golf clubs are mostly minor parts of golf dress code and using special shoes or gloves depends on the golfer. But of course, it’s recommended and better to use both of them.

It may not be related to golf etiquette, but getting a quality golf iron for yourself as a beginner is extremely important. This GolfClubsGuru guide might be a good place to start reading.


There are some basic rules that all beginner should know. One of them is for instance a “Play It as It Lies” principle, which is all about not touching or repositioning a golf ball. Although it’s a rule of golf, sometimes it’s being ignored for the aim of faster and more convenient game. So don’t bind yourself strictly with rules, especially on your first courses, just have fun.


Important parts of golfing etiquette are keeping up the pace and taking care of course’s equipment and keeping safe other players.

Playing slow has always been a problem for golf players. You should keep up the pace not to make other players wait as long as you don’t want to wait as well. When it’s your turn, don’t hesitate too much, try not to start choosing an appropriate golf club just before hitting a stroke, use the time before your turn to think about the right club or right angle to hit.

Another thing is that there are some golf cart rules. Never drive the golf cart on the grass or water hazards. It damages grass a great deal. Recommended distance is driving approximately 10-15 yards away from the green edges or hazards.

Also, always remember that other players’ safety is the first you should care about. The golf clubs and balls can cause a serious damage to the player’s health so make sure that other golfers are out of range while you are making your stroke.

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How to choose starter golf club sets for kids

My kid has turned eight last spring, so i decided to finally get him interested about golf. I’m not one of those parents who force their kids to do certain activity or sport, it’s just that i used to play golf with my dad all the time, so i thought it would be nice to follow that tradition and get my son excited about golf as well. I was a little bit worried though, as i had been four when i first went on the golf course, and even though i didn’t understand much, i loved it. So i was worried that my kid might be a little bit too old to get into kids golf. I thought that other kids of his age would have more practice done and would be better players, which was kind of true, but it still didn’t discourage my son to get better at golf. First time i took him to the course, he was a little bit put off by the whole scenery, but after ten or fifteen minutes, he took out his little golf course from the bag and asked me to help him hit the ball properly. I haven’t ever been happier than i was at that moment and time.

 Getting golf club set for your kid is another big issue for a parent. When you’re just getting started, you can’t be sure if your kid will like golfing a lot, so spending tons of money on golf club set doesn’t seem like a very good idea. And retailers of golf clubs as accommodating as on return of golf clubs, as opposed to clothing or other products, so you have to be really careful with it. I did a lot of research, and discovered that the best places to buy good club set for your kids are either Amazon, GlobalGolf or this association (or company, i’m not sure) called U.S kids. I liked Amazon and Global because they have very good customer service, and Amazon will actually take back any product within two weeks of purchase. No questions asked. So i was originally inclined to go with Amazon, but then i discovered the last option – U.S kids. They have high quality clubs for all ages of kids, from infant to teenagers. Prices on brand-new golf clubs on online golf stores are pretty high and you should expect to pay at least two or three hundred dollars, but U.S kids has just as good clubs for about hundred dollars. So at this point you can probably guess that i went with U.S kids and recommend everyone to do so as well.

 One more thing i like about U.S kids is that they have this trade-in program, which is really useful, as kids tend to grow up really fast. And i don’t know about you, but i don’t have enough money to go out and buy them new golf club set every year. Which is why U.S kids lets you trade in your old golf club set for the new one, for additional payment, of course.

 It’s been five months so far, and my kid seems to love the clubs and the game of golf itself. I’m thinking of sending him to this golf summer camp during next summer vacations. Until then, he’ll be stuck playing golf with me.

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Balancing time between marriage and Hobbies

I’m married myself, but my marriage has never interfered with my hobbies. It’s not just financial concerns, but also time. When you’re single, you have tons of free time, but no money, but after you get married, you have a lot of money to afford even the finest golf clubs, but very little time. After my marriage, I haven’t felt any pressure to give up playing golf or video games to spend all my time with my wife. I know she knows that having separate parts of private lives, with separate hobbies is essential to successful marriage. If both of you spend all your time together, you won’t be able to appreciate it as much as if you let each other go out alone once in a while, and let yourselves miss each other a little more. Being together is so much better if you let each other go for a little while.

 And I get that taking care of kids is hard to do for anyone. In our society, that role is usually filled with women, and they do terrific job. But men, even if they work for a living, should know that it’s their duty to play at least some part in the job of bringing up children. So I guess what I’m trying to say, is that women deserve their alone time just as much as us, men do. So you need to figure out some kind of system that allows both of you to have all three of these – together-with-family time, alone-as-couple time, and alone-alone time. It might be a silly theory but I think having all three of these is the key to successful partnership. Here’s more about that.

 You also have to work on your language skills. There are wrong and right ways to ask your partner to let you go out and have fun while they take care of the kids. The wrong way is to go out even if they say no, or go out without asking them at all. The secret to asking something like that, is to be as accommodating to other person as possible. For example, giving your partner choices would be a good start. Like “would you prefer If I went out golfing now, or in the evening?” that way, she can arrange things to make her job easier, and she will be more mentally and physically prepared for the job of looking after kids all alone.

 If I had to give one advice, it would probably be to not cheat. You can turn off your phone and just go golfing whenever you want, but in my experience, that’s not a good way to sustain a relationship with someone. You have to look at the situation from both of your perspectives and do what makes sense for both of you, or else she might build resentment and that might finally end your relationship.


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