Throughout the 21st century, women smashed every barrier and joined the men’s foray, including in sports. Golf is at the top of the list, of all the conventional sports for men that capture the attention of a female. Golf is game for everyone, where we have no gender barriers. It can be a quite difficult to purchase women’s golf clubs as a beginner. It’s a little daunting because there’s so many options, and you try to purchase the right one. For a new golfer, that can be confusing.

In this article, I am going to help beginner women golfers, who want to make a rapid progress in golf.

for a beginner golfer, doesn’t matter you are man or women, I always recommend to start with a half set golf clubs. Half set comes with basic clubs you need to play golf. For the first steps in the huge game, I highly recommend to not start with full set, you will save money and also that can help you to concentrate more on basic skills.

There are known variations between golf clubs for men and women. Female Golf Clubs are also shorter to make up for our shorter frames and typically have graphite shafts. Such shafts are intended to give your golf shots more power. But, of course, it is your choice which golf clubs you wan and with which you feel comfortable. I know some women golfers who are using men’s golf clubs. Everything is up to you.

Also you need deed to get fitted before buying a new set of golf clubs. This is very important because golf clubs can be modified to their individual swing, physical features and sensation with so many new innovations. We highly recommend for beginners to try golf clubs before decide buy or not. Some golf shops offer 7 days free trial. This will be very helpful for you, try clubs, make sure that you feel comfortable with them and then buy the set.

There are some components you should consider before shopping:

Price is number one criteria for most of golfers. You should think about your budget. There is huge range in price of golf clubs. You should find the right one in affordable price.

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What is included in set that you are going to buy. Make sure that there are all necessary equipment you need for training. At least, set should combine a driver, irons, a wood or hybrid, a wedge, a putter and of course golf bag, which is important to carry all these things.

As I said already, there are different types of clubs. The main difference you will feel is size. Tall players tend to buy longer clubs, but many of them buy standard one and then customize.

Brand is another important factor while choosing the set. We always recommend famous brands, which are many times-tested, and recommended buy professionals. Also some brands are well known in making beginners’ golf sets. We will review some of them below.

Callaway is the top brand for beginner golfers. Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set is my first set for today. This is One of the best women’s golf clubs now beginning to play golf. The clubs and the bags are extremely lightweight and can be carried as rucksack or on a shoulder easily. Price is good comparatively to other sets for women, but the quality is very good. Stand bag is very good and its large pockets will make your training more convenient.

Wilson is also very famous brand in beginners who want to get high quality in affordable price. Women’s Ultra 14-Piece Complete Set. This set is perfect choice for beginners, who plan to make a huge progress with limited budget. High quality and durable golf clubs won’t disappoint you.

Callaway Women’s Strata Plus 14 Piece Golf Clubs set is great choice for women beginners. Each club is  easy to hit, precise and very forgiving.  Light-weight graphite shafts is useful to swing faster and make your shots stronger to cover more distance.

If the person you’re buying clubs for is short, you might want to learn more about golf club sets made for short ladies.

When you are choosing best women golf clubs for beginners, it is important to take into account that some cheaper options could be better for beginning. Our first recommendation to beginners, doesn’t make sense woman or man, is to start with cheaper clubs. When they improve their games, they can make a move to expensive ones. Experience will give you some knowledge, to know that do you like in clubs and which one you want.

Now at the end of article, I hope I have made it a bit easier to choose right golf clubs for beginner women golfers.