Seniors are probably the most numerous segment of golfers, but golf clubs made for average golfers don’t always work for them. Their golf clubs need to be lightweight and forgiving, because at least older seniors, those in their late sixties and seventies,  don’t have as much strength as middle-aged golfers do. Forgiveness is important because as they age, seniors become prone to mistakes and it gets harder to make perfect swing. At least that’s how it worked for most people i know.

In my opinion, hybrids perfectly satisfy both of these requirements. Of course, not every hybrid is equally forgiving and lightweight, but most of them are. Especially compared to irons, which are notoriously hard to hit. If you have a good swing, then irons might be more effective, but in reality, not all golfers have perfect swing. That’s why hybrids are so popular among golfers of all experience. Despite that, manufacturers have been coming up with a lot of ways to make irons more forgiving and easier to hit. I don’t want to get into details in this post, but if you’re interested, read this guide on GolfClubsGuru. Still, as i’ve mentioned before, not all hybrids are created equal. Some are affordable and of terrible quality, while others are high end and perfectly designed. That’s not to say that cheap hybrids can’t be decent though, there are plenty that are in fact very good. My point is, telling good and bad hybrids apart takes some knowledge of golf clubs, but it’s not very hard. Only problem is that it takes some time to learn about intricacies of golf clubs, so if you’re short on time, you might not want to do that. There’s still a solution though – buying entire sets of clubs.

We’ve covered why buying golf clubs individually is hard and time consuming. One solution to that is buying the whole set of clubs at once. Golf club manufacturers are happy to sell these bundles, because it increases their sales. They are in fact so happy that they often give heavy discounts if you buy ten or more clubs together. Some of them even include golf bags, which, objectively, aren’t the best, but they are still amazing for the price. So by buying entire sets of clubs, not only do you save time, but also money.  

Another cool way to save money on golf gear is by buying them in used condition. When i say used, you probably imagine rusty golf clubs, but what i actually mean is, golf clubs that are in excellent condition and are considered used only because they’ve been used once or twice on the actual golf course. New versions of golf clubs are released quite often, and people often buy but never get to use them. So the kind of deals where you can get these barely-used clubs for half the price of new one are quite common. You just have to look for them and know how to tell good golf clubs apart from bad ones. That is no easy task, as it is time consuming, but i think rewards are worth it.