When you’re starting to play golf as a woman, there’s a lot that might confuse you. That’s because golf is pretty complex game, and you should know that going in. In my opinion, the best way to get started in golf is by acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses. By that, i mean finding out what are golf-related things that you’re good and bad at. For once, i was very clumsy as a beginner, and had to focus on fixing that before i moved on to other, more complex problems. Women golfers, on average, have less strength than their male counterparts, but that doesn’t mean all women are weaker physically. These sorts of questions must be answered individually, and based on that, you can direct your golf practice in the right direction.

In my humble opinion, the best way to improve your golf skills is taking lessons and playing a lot of golf. It may seem like a simple and obvious strategy, but i’ve seen so many people get it wrong. They either take too much lessons or none at all, and same for playing on the course. The key is to get just few hours of golf lessons, here and there, so that you can fix errors in your game that you can discover by playing on the course. With this trial-and-error approach, you can easily discover inefficiencies in your golf skills and fix them easily. Also, when taking golf lessons, it is essential to be open to constructive feedback. Being guarded and stuck in your way of doing things, as in everything, is an unnecessary burden on the process of learning golf. Also, the method i’ve described earlier only works if you’re critical of your own playing style on the golf course. Even if your swing or some other aspect of your game looks good to you, always try to dig in and find your own weaknesses that can be improved upon. If you want to really improve your golf skills and reach the levels that only few are able to achieve, you need to be playing golf a lot. I would recommend dedicating at least few hours a day to playing golf. For some people that comes naturally, because they enjoy spending time on the course, but for others, it may feel forced. In my opinion, you shouldn’t force yourself to play golf if you don’t want to. But then again, for some people, playing golf is profession, and at some point, you’ll inevitably get sick of it.

One common mistake that i see a lot of beginner lady golfers make is buying expensive golf clubs. Some may disagree with me on this, but i think expensive clubs are completely unnecessary when a woman is just starting to play golf. That money will be much better spent on golf lessons or other golf gadgets and accessories. I think affordable club sets, like those of Callaway, are best suited for novice women. They allow you to explore world of golf and learn the basics of the game, and these tasks should keep you busy for at least few months. Afterwards, you can always swap your basic set for something better, and at that time, you’ll actually know what you need and what to look for in a golf club set. If you are a woman in need of a putter, but don’t know how to buy it, read this tutorial.

Except for a club set, you’ll also definitely need other accessories like golf umbrella, a golf bag, gloves and few others. But the ones i’ve listed are the most essential, especially the golf bag, which is most crucial of them all. So you must be careful to choose it wisely. It’s okay to focus on the stylishness of a golf bag, but please don’t neglect the functionality while you’re at it. Golf bags that have legs they can stand on are called stand bags, and i think they’re extremely useful. Also, golf bag must be easy to carry, so look for ergonomic carrying design as well.