First time is always exciting and kind of scary. Especially when it comes to a completely new field of sports, like golf. There are different things we worry about, such as how we are going to look like while playing or how to act so that others won’t notice you are a beginner.  First of all, there’s nothing bad about being a beginner and the mistakes we make in process of learning are not something we have to be ashamed of. Every time  you start to experience or learn a new thing you should get to know to the basics of this thing at first. This article is about the basic rules and etiquette of golf for complete beginners. There are some tips you should consider if you plan to start playing golf in near future.

First and the most important of all is the equipment. By the equipment I mean even a golf bag. Basically, golfing equipment consists up to 14 golf clubs and golf tees. Make sure that  you take a big number of golf tees and balls with you, especially when it’s your first time. Because the golf tees are easily breakable, also you may lose the balls too frequently.


The dress code part also can be an important part of your first golf course. Some of the golf clubs demand the proper dress code to allow playing. Those are mostly expensive golf clubs. Perfect golfing outfit is for instance a shirt with collar and Dockers-style pants or shorts.  But it’s always better if you call at first to get to knot to the club specifics about the dress code.

Golf shoes or golf clubs are mostly minor parts of golf dress code and using special shoes or gloves depends on the golfer. But of course, it’s recommended and better to use both of them.

It may not be related to golf etiquette, but getting a quality golf iron for yourself as a beginner is extremely important. This GolfClubsGuru guide might be a good place to start reading.


There are some basic rules that all beginner should know. One of them is for instance a “Play It as It Lies” principle, which is all about not touching or repositioning a golf ball. Although it’s a rule of golf, sometimes it’s being ignored for the aim of faster and more convenient game. So don’t bind yourself strictly with rules, especially on your first courses, just have fun.


Important parts of golfing etiquette are keeping up the pace and taking care of course’s equipment and keeping safe other players.

Playing slow has always been a problem for golf players. You should keep up the pace not to make other players wait as long as you don’t want to wait as well. When it’s your turn, don’t hesitate too much, try not to start choosing an appropriate golf club just before hitting a stroke, use the time before your turn to think about the right club or right angle to hit.

Another thing is that there are some golf cart rules. Never drive the golf cart on the grass or water hazards. It damages grass a great deal. Recommended distance is driving approximately 10-15 yards away from the green edges or hazards.

Also, always remember that other players’ safety is the first you should care about. The golf clubs and balls can cause a serious damage to the player’s health so make sure that other golfers are out of range while you are making your stroke.