Golf is really very expensive sport and not many people can afford it to have all new set and equipment. Also, sometimes beginners just want to experiment themselves whether they can be good at this game so they don’t want to risk the fortune for just a trial. In those cases pre-owned golf clubs are best choice.

Before you learn about places to buy used clubs from, you should know which clubs to buy in the first place. If you’re a beginner like myself, and are looking for a driver that can fix your slicing problems, guide that you’ll find by following the link is a splendid choice for something to read.

The other day I decided to try buying pre-owned set as long as I decided to renew my equipment and was looking for websites of second-hand golf clubs and spotted some good ones. I will share them to you in the list below. is one of the best websites I’ve found while surfing through the web. 3balls is the most budget friendly website for buying used golf clubs. There you can get the sets or individual clubs with a huge discount. This website has a great reputation in golf industry and almost every user I know is really very satisfied with the service 3balls offers.

Except for being cheap, 3balls’ another positive aspect is that it offers customers wide variety of golf production. So this certainly is the place where you can buy pre-owned golf club in a perfect condition at a very cheap price.

During my attempts I even tried to buy used golf set at the Facebook marketplace. Although there is not really a wide range of golf clubs or sets, you can still get lucky and find the one product you’ve been looking for at a very low price. Of course in this case the customer  service is not available, because the seller is not a certain website but a pre-owner.

Another good place to shop for used clubs is In my opinion this website definitely has the best customer service and most of the times product condition is better than graded. Also I would advise this website to the players who want to avoid the fake golf clubs from overseas. This website gives buyer a certificate which says that the product you bought is 100% authentic and it is registered on your name. Maybe they do not really have the lowest prices but I can say for sure their quality is guaranteed.

If you are tired of comparing prices of pre-owned and used golf clubs and calculating the difference, then is for you. This website gives you an opportunity to compare prices without googling a lot. It’s really very convenient to evaluate without additional effort whether brand new club is worth the extra price.  What I can say about the globalgolf’s prices is that it’s not really a cheap website, prices are better at 3balls or callawaypreowned. So if you couldn’t find what you were looking for on those websites, then globalgolf is really a perfect choice.

As I was looking for the best website or way to buy used golf club, I got very important experience. Online shopping requires too much attention, for instance, buyer should always consider reviews and decided buying or not buying a product based on majority opinion to avoid risks of paying for a defected subject.